Roberts Steakhouse – Taj Mahal

Glamorous Steakhouse in Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal Casino

Robert’s Steakhouse is an 8,000 sq. ft. fine dining establishment located off the casino floor of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel. The designers created a sophisticated look in its private dining room using the Essex pattern. The 12”x12” padded buttoned squares were rotated to create a refined diamond shape lining the entire wall of the sectioned off area. The designers provided the elevations for the wall so NappaTile was able to make custom triangles to finish off the edges of the wall.

All NappaTile products made with the magnesium oxide base can easily be cut in the field to fit outlets, fire alarms etc… The magnesium oxide board is an eco-friendly natural material similar to a gypsum board. Simply score on the back-side with either a sharp utility knife or table saw. Cut through to just the board so the surface material is there so you can wrap around the edges for a finished look after cutting.

• Custom Sizes: Custom sizes can be made such as triangles to finish edges of the wall. Simply provide us with the elevation and our design team will be able to provide the best recommendation.
• Cutting Tiles: Whether an outlet is needed to be installed or there is a curved section, NappaTile can easily be cut in the field. The base is a magnesium oxide board which is similar
to a gypsum board.
• Nailing/Drilling/Hammering: Items can easily be nailed, drilled or hammered on top of NappaTile. Simply make sure the nail/screw is long enough so it is secured to both the tile and
the wall behind.


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