Dream Hotel Midtown - Jelsomino

Bottle Service, Champagne, Caviar – Upscale Karaoke Club

The Dream Hotel Midtown opened Jelsomino, a super exclusive, underground Russian karaoke club. This is not your typical karaoke joint as they not only have bottle service and caviar but they provide back-up singers, musicians and technicians for those singing on the main stage. However, the most exclusive room is the VIP suite which was “outfitted like a rock star’s home recording studio, complete with mink-suede tufted walls”.

ICRAVE selected to use our Essex pattern in a custom faux suede. These 12”x12” padded buttoned tiles lined the walls of the VIP suite and 12”x12” padded tiles covered the entire ceiling. Fiber-optic stars were installed at the end of each tile to give the room a glimmering rock-star vibe. The tiles helped with sound absorbency with a 0.26 NRC rating which is essential for the loud booming sounds of the outside public karaoke room.

Paintings of rockstars and flat screen TV’s were installed on top of the tiles. As the base of our tiles are made with a Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board, items can easily be screwed and hammered on top of the tiles. The contractors had the wall tiles backed with 3M peel & stick adhesive for quick and easy installation and the ceiling tiles were installed with a panel adhesive for more secure installation. ICRAVE’s beautiful design landed the project to be featured in Boutique Design Magazine.

• Ceiling - To install NappaTile on ceilings simply use a direct panel / liquid nails adhesive
• Accessories - TV’s, paintings and other accessories can easily be securely installed on top of NappaTile
• Lighting - Lighting and mirrors can help accent the look of tiles.
• NRC Rating - NappaTile has an NRC rating of 0.26 to help with sound absorbency.
• Faux Suedes - Not only do we have thousands of differnet faux leathers, but we also have a wide selection of faux suedes.


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